Frequently Asked Questions

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About Shopping Online

How do I place my order?

Please check how to order page for shopping guide.

How do I pay for my order?

We only accept payment through bank transfer via BCA and Bank Mandiri.

Are your products original?

Yes, we only sell original and authentic products.

What sizes of lenses do you have?

We sell lenses with sizes ranging from 14.2mm to 20.8mm.

When is the expiry date of the lenses?

Before the bottle is opened, please refer to expiry date stated in each bottle, normally 2014 to 2018. After the bottle is opened, the lenses normally have 6 months to 1 year life span. However, we strongly advise to replace your lenses every 3 months for hygienic reasons and allowing your eyes to remain healthy.

What is the water content of your lenses?

Depending on the product, the water content of our lenses ranges from 38% to 64%. Details can be found on each product’s description.

Do all of your lenses have corrective power (minus)?

Some do, some don’t. Details for prescription can be found on each product’s description.

May I choose different prescription for my left eye and right eye?

Yes, you may choose different prescription for a pair of lenses. So you don’t need to order 2 pairs for each prescription.

Do you sell softlens with cylindrical eye power?

No, we don’t sell cylinder/astigmatism lenses.


Where is my order shipped from?

All orders are shipped from Jakarta, Indonesia.

How much are the shipping fees?

We provide free shipping for Jabodetabek area. For delivery areas outside Jakarta, we give shipping discount of Rp 5,000. For complete list of shipping charges please refer to JNE’s website.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

It depends on your location. It takes approximately 1-3 days for Jabodetabek and 2-4 days for all other local areas. It can take faster (around 1-2 days) if you prefer JNE YES.

Warranty & Returns

Do you provide warranty for your products?

Yes, warranty is valid within a week after your purchase. Please note that warranty is only valid for damaged softlens.

The product I received is faulty, who/where do I contact?

Within the first week of your purchase, please email your concerns to After receiving your faulty product, we will ship a new one to you free of charge.

Lens Care

Which is safer for my eyes, low water content or high water content?

Higher water content lenses, despite its softness due to having bigger lens pores, absorb a high amount of liquid from your eyes (thus can be drier).
Depending on your eye type, you may want to try both lenses form the opposite spectrum to find lenses with the perfect water content for your eyes.

How long can I continuously wear contact lenses in one day?

The safe wearing duration in one day is up to 8 hours. Although, depending on your comfort, you may wear them up to 10 hours in a day.

Are there ways to prolong the lifespan of my lenses?

Wearing your lenses for a long period of time in a day may reduce the life of your lenses. We recommend steaming your lenses occasionally for your lenses to regain it’s wearing comfort.

If you have more questions or need further assistance, please send your email to